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PMP 16  

16 mono channel
8Ω Stereo Output power: 200W×2 
24-bit DSP effect inside, 48KHZ sampling frequency, 1000 effect combinationi on the based of 30 effect sampling, and the effect can save
USB connect inside
LCD screen display, easy to operate
Input channel 3 equalizer, mono equalizer middle frequency can be adjust, output dual 7 photograph equalizer,
Stand dual 12 level
+48V phantom power supply.

Technical Date



Frequency Response

+/-01Db , 20HZ-20KHZ

T.H.D & Noise

All measurements at +10dBu output 30dB gain

XLR input to Direct output

<0.06% @1KHZ

XLR input to Mix output


Bus Noise

Mix output, input faders @-u, Mix fader 0dB


Grp output, input sends @-u, Grp fader 0dB


Aux output, input sends @-u, Aux master 0dB


Crosstalk @ 1Khz


Input channel Muting

> 98dB

Input fader cutoff

> 98dB

Input pan poti  solation


Mix routing isolation


Group routing isolation


Adjacent channel isolation


Group-Mix  crosstalk


Aux send off


EQ (Mono Input)                                         


Hi-Mid 550HZ-13KHZ,+/-15dB

Lo-Mid 80HZ-1.9KHZ, +/-15dB


Power Consumption


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